Sextile astrology december 19

Can someone just say this shit sucks and Im exhausted? Where is the love to balance out the darkness…its minute. This is a decent response. This crap has to balance out and stop. Somebody at least had the clarity and honesty to call this Merc Retro what it is: a slogging shitshow through a past no one wants.

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All Rights Reserved. Shop Info Privacy. Maybe somewhere along the road, we lost our sense of meaning and we have to backtrack to find it. The hunt for clues has only just begun. Jupiter is connected to the law, Libra to justice.

Mercury then meets the Sun for instruction from source on the 28th December. It is possible to achieve bliss, even within the confines of our society. We get a glimpse of what could make us happy. We need to speak from the heart in order to be really heard. There is a need to go back over the past and deal with what is unresolved before we can move forward. Brought to light for all to see, it has at times triggered panic and despair alongside strengthened commitment to forge new paths and a deepening of faith in our ability to both endure and transform.

We are nowhere near out of the woods. Far from it. And this melting pot of sometimes traumatic change cannot be escaped. It deplores artifice and rejects pretense. Doing so may not come naturally, but the more deeply we embrace unpalatable truths the freer we become. Great challenges lie ahead and we are nowhere near done with this shadow revelation.

Thank you!! Natasha says: Dec 19, Reply. So insightful! Exactly what I needed to be reminded of. Thank you! Beth says: Dec 19, Reply. Thank you dear friends! So glad I have this source to guide me on my path. Kaitlyn says: Dec 19, Reply. Hi Kaitlyn! Yes, those are Sarah Varcas words are quoted above! Saturn is now in your communication house, boosting your prowess as a writer, speaker, teacher or thinker. Is it time to publish that Great American Novel or scintillating memoir?

Sun enters Scorpio

Look for leadership opportunities in your community or synergistic connections you can form with like-minded people. Dynamic duos and prosperous new friendships await. Weighty Saturn leaves your sign after a two-year reinvention tour. Saturn was in Scorpio from October until December , pushing you to take a long, hard look at yourself.

December 2018 Red Letter Trading Days

If this led to an identity crisis or two, no surprise—Saturn in your sign tested your limits and forced you to step into levels of personal responsibility heretofore unknown. Paying dues is fine—under-earning or underselling yourself is decidedly NOT! Gear up, Sagittarius: taskmaster Saturn has come to town, paying a three-year visit to Sagittarius.

Venus Sextile Pluto - Tuesday November 21, 2017 - True Sidereal Astrology

This is the first time Saturn is here since , so talk about a retro throwback! You may need to spend a little more time alone or working independently with Saturn in this solo-focused realm. Still, go easy on the youth juice, Sag. Just beware of going TOO severe. Not every head looks quite so adorable in a J. Slow down, Capricorn. Consider yourself on a three-year retreat of sorts, when you formally carve out more time for solitude or to work on a creative pursuit.

This three-year Saturn tour could also inspire a serious meditation or spiritual practice. Prepare for liftoff! For the past two years, Saturn has been in your tenth house of career and professional success, marking a slow and steady ascent—perhaps with a few setbacks along the way. Saturn was sitting at a tough square degree angle to your Sun, sparking issues with authority or delaying your ability to see a clear future plan. Your company may have restructured or perhaps you lost an important client—in some way, you were forced to rebuild your professional path, to pay dues or follow protocol.

Now, that era has ended and Saturn sails into your eleventh house of groups and networking. The eleventh house rules technology and humanitarian issues. Structure time! Taskmaster Saturn is in your tenth house of long-term plans, success and professional endeavors. This is a major turning point for your career, Pisces, and it will take slow and steady building on your behalf. There will be no charming your way into opportunities unless you can back up the allure with hard work and tangible results. However, if you rise to the challenge, Saturn will help you grow by leaps and bounds into leadership, self-sufficiency and mastery.

You could end this cycle with serious chops as an expert in your field, and you might even take a more traditional job with a large corporation or organization during this Saturn cycle.

Where is the Good Karma in Your Horoscope? | Jessica Adams

Your father or an important males could figure prominently into your evolution, as the tenth house is associated with men. You might also tap a mentor, a coach or some other seasoned expert to help take your endeavors to new heights. Get the Horoscope Guide! Aries: Knowledge is power. Saturn in the 9th house Relationship relief! Saturn in the 8th house The rubber meets the road in your closest relationships for the next three years.

Gemini: The power of two. Saturn in the 7th house Healthy, wealthy and wise? Saturn in the 6th house Change your habits, change your life? Saturn in the 5th house Players begone! Sagittarius : Reinvention time. Capricorn : Heal, forgive, reflect.

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Saturn in the 12th house Slow down, Capricorn. Saturn in the 11th house Prepare for liftoff!

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Pisces: Hello, world domination. Saturn in the 10th house Structure time! Next Post Family Astrology: How to get along this holiday season. You may also like. Your Libra Season Wellness Horoscope. Ophira Edut.

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